The Obsession…

Ok, so there’s one thing to need to know about me. I’m potty about pots. Not just any in particular, the amazing works of art that are Emma Bridgewater. 

I can’t really put my finger on it.

I just love the quirky designs, they are fresh modern and most importantly, feminine!

I could quite happily spend my entire months salary on it. My favourite thing to do is to trawl Instagram and look at other people’s collections, the few people who spring to mind are @gillyandmac and @kittyray85 they both have collections I’m incredibly envious of…maybe some day.

Some people get the obsession some don’t, all I know is that I have a feeling that I don’t plan to quit any time soon!!

Much love,

Judy xo


2 thoughts on “The Obsession…

  1. Yey for pots!! As you know I’m also an Emma Bridgewater junkie and I also love a bit of an instgram stalk 🙂 I’ve saved a link to your blog and look forward to hearing your posts. Xx


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