Wardrobe Staples.

I’m not really a ‘throw away’ fashion type of person anymore, as I’ve got older I have realised the importance of the wardrobe staples.

Now coming into spring/summer I am beyond excited to be getting into my white jeans and Breton tops. I own so many breton I could probably open a store!

On an impromptu trip to Belfast yesterday, I picked up some great items in Primark which I know I will wear again and again, one being…

Ta da! The denim shirt, and only £8 to boot. Hardly a new concept or a ground breaking item but it’s really all about how you wear your wardrobe staples and how confident they make you feel!

So this is how I wore it today…

Excusing the catalogue pose…

Teamed with my staple white jeans (topshop) and nude pumps (topshop 2014) and of course the Michael Kors handbag which was a gift from the hubby.

I rolled the sleeves of the shirt up, and buttoned it up to the neck. But I can imagine it open with a white vest below too.

The aim of the game is versatility, choosing items that can and WILL be worn again.

What are your wardrobe staples? I’d love to hear from you!

Much love,

Judy xo


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