A Little Vignette.

There is nothing I find more satisfying than faffing about at the weekend and creating a little pretty display in my home. 

i just love the term ‘Vignette’ in French it means ‘little vine’ but in the context of interior design (and in my head) it basically means pulling items together in a balanced and pretty little composition.

Today I want to share some tips on how to create a table vignette (or any surface be it a windowsill, coffee table or the top of the microwave which my brother in law always has a giggle at).

In my home the colour base is simple; Grey, white and cream. So the absolute joy of that is, I can add in seasonal colour or ‘trend led’ pieces quite easily.

You do not have to spend a fortune, its all about how you put it together.

Vignette 3

This vignette above was on my kitchen island a few months back.

Vignette 1

The above was an example of a bedside table display I had.

Vignette 2

And the third much to my brother in law James’ delight is the top of my microwave.

As you can see from the three images there are key themes emerging,

  • Colour
  • Layers
  • Variation in height
  • Variation in objects

First thing to do is find your focal piece (Lamp, flowers, picture) this ideally should be your item to add height.

Second on the list, layer. I like using books or a granite board as a shelf, arranging the items giving a variation of height.

Thirdly- have fun with it! Don’t get too bogged down in the detail, the aim of the game is adding all your favourite little pieces together, standing back and admiring them.

For even more inspiration, head over to Pinterest and see what the truly creative people are up to- honestly it really does blow my mind how creative people are!

I will leave you with a few images that caught my eye on Pinterest, and remember to share your creations with me!

Much Love,

Judy xo

Sources are all from Pinterest, sources unknown.
Sources are all from Pinterest, sources unknown.

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