On My Wrist Today! 

Happy Wednesday everyone!

If you are anything like me I love to layer up bracelets with my watch and creating different combos every day!

(L-R ) Nomination bracelet, pearl bracelet with Thomas sabo charms, olivia Burton watch, Mademoseille Felee Bracelet.

I’m in LOVE with my nomination bracelet which was a birthday present from the girlies at work, really looking forward to filling it with pretty charms. I have a little J to start me off, but I have a long way to go! Find out more about Nomination here:   http://www.nomination.com

My pearl bracelet is Thomas Sabo and the two charms are a pearl and a pretty little bow! Find similar here: http://www.thomassabo.com/GB/en_GB/pd/bracelet/X0041-082-14-S.html?etcc_cmp=UK+PLA&etcc_med=PLA&art=X0041-082-14-S&col=Charm+Club

The Olivia Burton watch speaks for itself! It’s part of the ‘Big Dial’ Collection. Find similar styles here: http://www.oliviaburton.com/big-dial-t23

Finally my favourite piece is the Mademoiselle Felee Bracelet, which was a gift from my lovely sis! They are a French company (naturally) and are hand made! Find out more at the below link: http://www.eshop-mademoisellefelee.com/fr/

Such a delicate, beautiful bracelet!!

The designer draws her inspiration from architecture in Paris and other countries! What’s not to love?

How do you style your wrist? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Much love,

Judy xo


One thought on “On My Wrist Today! 

  1. I have the exact same Olivia Burton watch and had my nomination bracelet from my 21st birthday, it’s been full for ages so I’m hoping a few hints I’ll get another. Bella loves hers too. Love the french bracelet xx


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