One Year On from 24.4.2014.

Evening everyone, I hope the weekend has been a good one for you all.

On the 24th April Simon and I celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary in style at The Merchant Hotel in Belfast. We had a yummy afternoon tea!  

Sandwiches, Scones and Patisserie galore!
Simon and I have been together since we were 17, and we married when we were 24, the time just felt right for us!

I have been doing a lot of reminiscing about the day and the planning stage recently as two of my friends have got engaged, and I have been trying to think of some advice for them, and also for other to be brides.

Wedding photography by ‘Paper Window’
Weddings are such a personal thing to advise on. The line I took on my wedding was if it is how Simon and I want it, and we are happy, then all is well. Believe me, there will always be negative comments from someone..!


Roof top art The Merchant Hotel
I have been asked a lot what the favourite part of the day was, for me it was after the church, Simon and I were on our own for that short space of time in the wedding car on the way to the reception in Belfast. It was the first private moment we had, and was great even to even say hi and how are you and find out how our morning was! Simon and his brother played frisbee while I took 3 hours of primping! Oh to be a guy…


My one and only Maid of Honour, my gorgeous sister Laura x
Okay so my top pieces of advice are:

  • Invest in a good photographer. This is the memory of your day, make sure you look back at photos fondly!
  • Get the best of what you can afford. Honestly, do not get in debt over one day, yes it is important, but there are a lifetime of days to follow.
  • Comfortable shoes. Yes you will be on your feet ALL day. 
  • Don’t get bogged down in what other people think. I found from my wedding people are very critical! There will always be someone who didn’t like the Scallop starter, forget them. Who cares! 
  • Less bridal party, less drama. I just had my sister. Which I felt was so special. I’m so glad I had Laura, as she had experience in everything so had great advice and also great handwriting which was great when doing place settings!!
  • Finally make a list of everything that was gifted to you, with the persons name and address beside it. Believe me you think you will remember but you won’t! Give your tech savvy hubby this job as you will have a lot on your plate in those last few days!

 I am so excited to see what the next year brings for the Shevlins. I hope it’s a happy and healthy one, and if Simon is reading this, I hope there will be a miniature dachshund 😊 
Much Love,

Judy xo


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