Film Review: Cinderella 2015

This evening, we embarked on a date night which we try to squeeze in during the weekday evenings, to Cinderella. 

Let me start by saying this is a children’s film, but the review is from my perspective as an adult! 
I have to say, being a bit of a die hard fan of the 1950’s version I was going in with  very high expectations!

We all know how the story goes, beloved Ella’s mother passes away cue evil step mother and ugly step sisters. Then with no luck at all, her father passed away and she is left in what seems like a bit of a hopeless situation with the step family. Now named Cinderella. Then with a bibbity bobbity boo! Fairy godmother, ball, prince, married, evil step family gone forever, happy ever after. 

Just like real life, yeah?

Ok, it’s very hard to compare the two movies and I really shouldn’t but I feel the new movie lacks the quaint, and ‘magical’ feel that the original oozes. I kind of feel that remakes are a bit risky, especially with Disney. I like nostalgia, I liked believing in the castle far away plus I’m not ready for remakes of movies I loved when I was a child!! 

Plus, what was that Frozen skit at the beginning? It didn’t make sense and do we honestly associate Disney with Frozen now?? I find it a bit sad.

I feel a lot of people will disagree with some of my thoughts on this movie, but let me end with a positive (which probably won’t be popular either 😎)

Did you SEE evil step mum (Cate Blanchette) and the wardrobe she had!? Oh my, what couture! Plus her make up was beautiful. Also the wedding dress at the end and how the veil flowed in the breeze was just heavenly.  Finally, Prince Charming was alright (Rob Stark from game of thrones) an unusual choice, but a risk that paid off.

So the take away message from the movie was ‘Have courage and be kind’ personally I feel you can take something from this if you are 7 or 37. I do feel we all could be kinder to ourselves and each other.

So I would score the film 6/10 purely because I wanted so much more of the nostalgic, Old school Disney vibe that I am so used to. However I do think it is worth a watch.

Much Love,

Judy xo


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