TK MAXX Finds: Rob Ryan.

Afternoon everyone!

I just wanted to share with you some of my recent Tkmaxx purchases.

My local store is full of Rob Ryan pieces at the moment, and some of which are on my Amazon wish list for a lifetime! So I was really pleased šŸ˜Š


3 pretty little egg cups, each says, ‘This egg will still be enough…As long as i still have you’ and in the inside it says ‘Hello Egg’.
I’m sure you can see on the photo they were an amazing Ā£5.99 šŸ˜ I can tell there will be a lot of dippy eggs happening!

My second Rob Ryan purchase was a glass jug.

i love all the little stories in Rob Ryan stuff!
I thought this jug would be perfect on a summers day full of Pimms, or yummy elderflower presse with berries (my favourite!).
I hope you liked my little finds! Let me know your Tkmaxx finds!

Much Love,

Judy xo


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