30 Years of Emma Bridgewater: Where I Started. 

Good evening Frenchies!

All you Emma Bridgewater fanatics will know, and for those who don’t know, EB are celebrating their 30th glorious year. 

Ok well obviously I wasn’t around at the beginning as I am a young, fresh little thing 😋, but I thought it was worth noting in my blog as its a big part of my life.

I started on my Emma Bridgewater journey when I got engaged in 2012, and the big pattern in my sights was Sampler.


Oh yes! i do love mixing sampler and pink hearts. I also like buns, but who doesnt! 😋

Lucky for me, I got a lot of Sampler as Engagement gifts, but something terrible happened. They discontinued Sampler, and I didn’t realise (as I was building a house/planning a wedding/doing another degree, I know I’m crazy) so the disappointment was rife when I went to make a wedding list and it wasn’t in production 😿

Frantically I searched for left over pieces in little independent shops, but to no avail 😿

I decided to start a Pink Hearts collection, as I figured it matched in with the the rest of my collection I had started. 


The teapot was from my sister, jug and mug was a gift. The dollies cup and saucer was 50p from a charity shop!
It was when I got married, I REALLY got into EB. I feel that it was partially fueled by Instagram, like I have mentioned before, I could spend an evening looking at other peoples collections and double tapping 😍.

From my pinks I progressed on to my blues. Starry skies is what I have started to focus on now in my collection.


This was my first piece. A butter dish bought off ebay!
I should point out, I use all of my EB. None of it is in a display cabinet, yes I do display some pieces, but it’s there to be used and loved everyday!

I would love to hear about your Emma Bridgewater journey and how you came to love it! 

Look forward to hearing from you all!

Much Love,

Judy xo


7 thoughts on “30 Years of Emma Bridgewater: Where I Started. 

  1. Love this! I have loved Emma Bridgewater for years and got a few pink hearts bits as wedding presents but stumbling across your instagram account got me loving all things EB even more! I now have a mix of Polka Dot and pink hearts and hope that I will start picking up some blue pieces soon! Xx


  2. Hello!! We all know I am obsessed with EB 🙂 My collection started with mugs… lots and lots of them! I love all the blue and pink patterns but there is a special place in my heart for the blue splatter range (which they’ve discontinued…) so I am also now loving starry skies. We will have to try to arrange an EB meet up at the factory. I’m sensing a day at the factory with a tour, decorating and shopping then dinner and a night at a local hotel… what do you think?! Xx

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  3. I started to collect Emma Bridgewater in 2010 and have been hooked since. I use my Polka Dot for everyday use, and also have a little display of Polka in my kitchen, but it’s all used. I also have a pink display in my living room. Oh and a Christmas display and Christmas complete dinner service of Christmas Joy…I’m not obsessed, honestly! I’ve been lucky to meet Emma herself and Matthew Rice on several occasions and I love the EB community on Instagram and Facebook. I spend many an hour salivating over collections xxx

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  4. I have only recently started collecting Emma Bridgewater for use in my home … When my children were younger they each had their own small mug and plate (hearts, trucks and dinosaurs) .. but now I collect for me (and my children) .. I have recently bought a few 1/2 pint and baby mugs, amongst other bits .. but am also really trying to collect her “Blues” range .. from the jugs and plates to the small fluted bowls (which i adore) .. think my favourite is Blue Wallpaper .. I love looking at IG for inspiration (only recently joined that too .. bit behind the times!!) .. but could spend hours “liking” and commenting on all the beautiful pictures you (and others) post ..

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  5. I am just starting to collect some EB pieces and came across this blog while frantically googling starry skies butter dish!! I would absolutely love one of these, so sad this is discontinued! I will keep an eye on ebay and live in hope that one comes up for sale again!
    Your EB collection & your home are beautiful! 🙂


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