Gardening Between the Showers.

My garden expectations have been dashed with the poor weather of late,l. So much for the beginning of Summer!

I wouldn’t class myself as a gardener by any stretch of the imagination, but as I like my home in order I like my garden as such. 

With most of my ideas, this one came from Instagram/Pinterest and I figured that it was simple enough for me to master independently!

 My plan was to use a ladder to put my herbs on, so everything wasn’t sitting in a boring clump on the patio.

I initially planned on buying a ladder from the local garden centre to achieve this. Luckily I ran this idea past Mum in conversation and she knew of two ladders I could choose from which were in her garage! Result!

I opted for the small one, and I learned my Dad made it in wood work at school as one of his first projects, so immediately I abandoned the idea to paint it, and keep it as it was with its rustic charm. 
 Ta da! Here is the finished look. I have a feeling that I will change about the pots a few more times until I’m completely happy!!

On the steps I have chives, parsley, thyme, mint, lavender (more for sensory than to use) and Nasturtium.  I try to use fresh herbs when I’m cooking, and this will be super convenient. I am especially looking forward to using the nasturtium flowers in summer salads, I love their peppery taste. Also looking forward to making Mojitos with the fresh mint!

How have you displayed your herb garden? Or do you have any clever ideas to share? I would love to hear from you!

Much Love,

Judy xo 


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