For The Love of… Flowers.

For those who follow me on Instagram you will notice that I love flowers. They are a staple in my shopping basket on a Saturday, just as much as bread and milk!

I probably have to say that my mum is the reason I fell in love with all things floral. At home I grew up with mum arranging the floral displays for our church, I was always watching her do her thing. I’m not sure if she really noticed! I always loved her ability to come up with something new, but still traditional.

In my teens I was a member of the local Young farmers Club, and between the partying and fun, there were great chances to learn skills! I decided to take up Floral Art where I managed to win a number of competitions and also ending up at the grand finals at various places over the years! Looking back, it was quite an achievement for a 14 year old…if I find any of the photographs or newspaper clippings I will share them with you! 

I suppose what I love the most is taking something already so beautiful and enhancing a space; be it a table, a windowsill or a little book that needs some love. Also a part of me loves bringing the outside in.

Photographing flowers is probably one of my favourite thing to do, as a novice I just try and take pictures that I like, keeping it simple I feel is the key. 

Flowers don’t need to be formal, with oasis and rules like the competitions I entered! 

I follow a few simple steps in my mind when arranging casually which will hopefully work for you too.

  • Odds not evens – you will find most bouquets come in odd numbers of flowers. This is a golden rule, work in 3’s or 5’s – it’s more balanced!
  • Containers – I have a range of vases and containers in my cupboard. Try and have a think about what you want to create, and the size of the stems you have before you start snipping!
  • Colour – some colours just don’t work together, I always opt for white with a colour if mixing or one solid colour if there is only one.

If anyone has any questions about flower arranging I would love to hear from you. I am not an expert by any means, I know what I like and if you are mindful of my steps you should produce a lovely display too! 

Much Love,

Judy xo


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