Review: Diptyque Particuliere Eau Parfume

Happy Friday Frenchies!

I thought I would share with you one of my summer sale purchases this morning.

I am a massive fan of Diptyque, their candles and scents are just divine. While shopping online, I stumbled upon this little beauty on Space NK.


I took a bit of a chance buying it not knowing exactly what it was like, but the gamble paid off! It is a ‘multi usage’ scent, so can be used as perfume or room scent. To be fair, it’s too nice to be used as the latter!

The scent is very floral, which is my favourite, with just the right amount of musk to make it interesting. As it develops, you can get a little more of the different layers coming through and almost a little hint of mint on there too.

What makes it a special buy too is the chic bottle with the little bulb, the whole feel of the product is so vintage! It will fit in perfectly on my dressing table.

I hope you enjoyed my review, a little gamble pays off sometimes!

If you fancy treating yourself, you can buy it here!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Much Love,

Judy xo


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