Simple Steps to Improve your Mental and Physical Wellbeing!

Hey Frenchies!

With all this miserable weather at the moment, we probably aren’t getting the ‘boost’ we need from the summer sun! If you were lucky enough to go on a holibob to the sunniest of destinations, you might be in a bit of a slump coming back to reality *sigh*.

As I have discussed before, a positive mind equals a positive life, and we all need that little reminder and much needed top up once in a while wether we are prone to a little slump in our mental health or not.

My five simple tips for you all are;

  1. Talk to people– Shock, horror. Talking to people? In this ever social media driven world we are more isolated than ever. Instead of chatting to your friend over WhatsApp, use it to make arrangements to meet for a coffee, get out, talk and enjoy the social interaction. Joining local groups, getting involved in the community, striking up a conversation with a neighbour, it all helps.
  2. Mindful or Mind-full?- You may have read my post a while back about mindfulness, if not you can find it here. Take that important me time to reflect on the positive things in your life and practice mindful awareness of the here and now, trust me it works!
  3. Keep Moving- This, I cannot stress enough. Exercise releases the happy hormones and research shows that it has a positive effect on those with depression and anxiety. Grab you coat, the kids or the dog and head out for a brisk walk, if exercise is tough for you try your best to find an activity that is suitable for you.
  4. Keep on Learning- Striving towards personal goals, rather than external rewards will give you the best sense of satisfaction and will last far longer. It also encourages interaction with others and increases your self esteem, so how about signing up for that course you’ve been thinking about for the last four years? Go for it!
  5. Give a Little, Get a Lot- Random acts of kindness are good for the soul. It could be as simple as helping an older person out of Tesco with a weeks shopping, volunteering your time, taking a meal over to your sick neighbour, whatever it may be your actions will have a knock on effect to others, in turn making them feel good and creating positive social interactions! One of my favourite phrases is, ‘It is nice to be nice’.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 5 steps! Is there anything that you would advise? Is there anything that has helped you? I would love to hear from you.

Much Love,

Judy xo


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