Camouflaging IKEA Into The Home.

There is nothing wrong with IKEA furniture, I have a few pieces throughout my home which I really love. 

The secret though is mixing it with other items and making it look expensive rather than a shrine to the flat pack purveyors! 

Take my bedroom for example, this was the first bedroom we decorated when we got married, so we were a tad low on cash. In the past year I’ve added in more pieces to dress it up. 

My bed is from Laura Ashley,  ivory in colour and rather ornate so I use it as my key bedroom piece and change up the colour with various bed linen or scatter cushions. The rest of the larger furniture in the room is from IKEA.

Soft furnishings and knick knacks are a great way of switching things up without spending a fortune!


These IKEA bedside tables are great as I can change my colour scheme as I please!
I love white, fresh items for a bedroom and this full length IKEA mirror is perfect for the space. I have my eames style chair in this corner too and i change the soft furnishings regularly. The sheep skin is also from IKEA and it gets rotated around every room!
This was probably one of the best IKEA purchases! This dresser is huge, and there is a side for hubs and I. I have dressed it with all my mirrored items, and my upcycled mirror i got for a steal off gumtree!
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I incorporated IKEA into my bedroom. The aim in the future is to get more antique style pieces moved in whilst keeping the space fresh and interesting.

Much Love,

Judy xo


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