August Birchbox, My Top Three Picks.

Hey Frenchies!

You might have read my first impressions post on Augusts Birchbox, if not you can read it here!

So, I have tried and tested everything in the box and gave it a fair chance and I thought I would share with you the items I would invest in and recommend.

My August 2015 Picks

I have picked the Laura Mercier Primer, Lord and Berry Blush and the Beauty Protector leave in conditioner.

Lord and Berry Blush

I love a product that turns out to be a triumph! I would never choose this colour of blush normally, but it was very complimentary of my skin tone and it felt silky smooth on application. I wore it to the weddings I attended recently and I didn’t have to reapply or touch up as the day progressed. Definitely a brand I will be looking into more! If you are interested in trying this you can buy it here.

Laura Mercier Primer

I do not know how LM does it. This primer is just a dream. It glides on, and feels completely weightless on the skin. I have used this with foundation and tinted moisturiser and its staying power is fantastic. You can get this in ‘Radiance’ as above, or in a number of different ways for your skin type. I have normal to oily skin and it worked well for me. If you are interested in checking out this amazing primer, you can buy it here!


Last but not least, the Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioner. You may remember, I was not all that keen on this item at the beginning as I find that most conditioners weight down my hair and make it a bit oily. This was a dream! I sprayed it into my wet hair an then blow dried as normal. The silky smoothness lasted for days and my hair felt in great condition, plus my hubby commented on how nice my hair smelt which cannot be a bad thing đŸ™‚ This item as far as I can see is only available from Birchboxs online shop and can be purchased here.

I hope you enjoyed my run down of the items to invest in from Augusts Birchbox. What items did you love or loathe? Or are you signing up to Birchbox this month, I would love to hear from you!

Much Love,

Judy xo


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