Hello Fresh, Hello Yumminess.

Hey Frenchies I hope you are all well!

I wanted to let you all know how I got on with my first week of Hello Fresh! If you aren’t familiar with this service I will explain!

Hello Fresh! Is a ‘cook from scratch’  box that gets delivered to your door. The clever folk figure out exactly what you need for the menu each week and it comes wrapped to perfection and fresh as a daisy as they pack it very cleverly.

How did I find out about it? Well I stumbled across a discount code online and thought that I would give it a go. Also I find you get into a bit of a rut at times with cooking, and I thought it would be refreshing trying new meals!!


Basically this is everything in the box! Pretty cool yeah? If you follow me on Instagram you will know the menu but if not this is it!

  • Chermoula Chicken with chorizo lentils and roasted peppers
  • Duck steaks with spiced chickpeas, sweet potato and lemony yoghurt
  • Pan fried pork medallions, tarragon and potatoes.

The clever folk have devised these menus for simple, quick and delicious meals that are no problem making when you come home from a long day at work.


The chorizo and lentils.
The makings of chermoula chicken!
The super detailed and simple to follow cards.

I will now share how my meals turned out! Team effort with hubby of course 😊


Pan fried Duck steaks, chickpeas, sweet potato and lemon yoghurt.
Pork medallions, tarragon and potatoes.
Chermoula chicken with chorizo lentils and red pepper.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with Hello Fresh! I would highly recommend it and if you would like to find out more on their website!

If anyone would like £20 off their first box, leave your email in the comments and I will do the rest!

Much Love,

Judy xo


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