2015: My Blogging Year in Review.

As we say our final farewells to 2015, I thought I would reflect on my year and mull over the good as well as the bad.

In the beginning…

I brought in the new year recovering from an operation and I am finishing the year on the same note. Having never had a sick day in my life my whole world was upside down and I did not know what I should be doing.

Battling with ill health is the main theme of the year unfortunately and this made me feel very guilty. I felt guilty that it was effecting my husband, family, friends and my work life. I found that I could not enjoy anything, I could not do anything or go anywhere. My usual response to invitation were, ‘I am sorry I don’t feel well..’ so the invites dwindled as the year progressed and I felt guilty that I was letting everyone down.

And Then…

It was in May it all hit home and I could hardly get out of bed with pain and fatigue I knew something was up, so after weeks in hospital I was sent home to wait on the operation that would make everything better. I decided with all this time off in front of me that I needed to find a way to meaningfully occupy my mind, so I turned to blogging.

Of course, I had no idea how anyone would react to this, to be fair in the beginning I started it as something to keep me busy and if anyone read it, then it would be a massive bonus!! I have to admit that I was not a big reader of other people’s blogs before I started, but I did love using Instagram. So I decided, hey, lets put a little more meaning behind these pictures!

As the blog posts progressed, my stats were ‘booming’ (well by my standards..!) and my confidence grew and I felt you know what? this might actually work.

So after a few posts I felt I found my flow, with interiors being the main focus with a dash of fashion and other topics it seemed to all be ticking along nicely.

In November the tedious wait was over and it was time to go under the knife again. One successful operation later I now have my life back. Of course I have my moments, and everyday has it struggles, but I am getting back on track to being the ‘Old me’. I will maybe in the New Year tell you about my experience of ill health, but it’s all too fresh at the moment and I am just not ready to talk about it all yet.


What I have learned…

The one thing that 2015 has brought home is that family is EVERYTHING. I owe them so so much and it’s overwhelming when I think about everything that they have done for me this year and what they have had to put up with and I hope I can repay everyone ten-fold.

My long suffering hubby has been by my side and also has been a fantastic ‘Instagram Husband’, you sir, are a hero.

Friends will come and go, but there are a few people who have kept me going this year, and you know who you are.

Money does not buy happiness, but in my case it bought me my health and that is worth more than any handbag, ring or pair of shoes.


What Judy did next…

So 2016, you are going to be the one!

With my positive pants firmly on, I am ready to tackle the new year and the positive challenges that it will hopefully bring.

I hope 2016 sees French Grey Lifestyle continue in the direction I want it to go; jam packed with inspiration and positivity for the home, body and mind.

I have a few personal goals with regards to my career, a few holidays in the pipeline and lots of time spent with the people I love.

I could not think of a better way to spend my year.


Wishing all my readers and friends, health, wealth and contentment for the year ahead. It’s time to put the year behind us, whether it’s been a good one or bad one…let’s all focus on who we want to be in 2016.

Much love,

Judy xo


8 thoughts on “2015: My Blogging Year in Review.

  1. This is a lovely inspiring blog, today I’m putting positive pants on( get out of my pj’s lol) embracing 2016 and appreciating all I have, happy new year X


  2. Well said judy! I hope 2016 is a good one for you, you deserve it after this one! Great to see you in better health yesterday and I look forward to the blog posts of the year ahead x


  3. Well said Judy! I hope 2016 is a better year for you, you deserve it after this one! Great to see you in better health yesterday and I look forward to reading the blogs in the year ahead. Happy new year! X


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