Shelfie Chic

You’ve got the shelves, now you need some inspiration on to style them! Look no further than here for tips on how to make your shelves look super chic.

Display your art

For an interesting way to display your framed prints or pictures, why not try an overlapping collage.

This a great idea if you don’t fancy the commitment of putting all those holes in the wall. Get fed up easily with your decor? Not a problem, simple to switch!

Curate your favourites

There is nothing more interesting than an array of different objects grouped together. Mix textures, colours and all those favourite bits and pieces you have picked up over the years.

Kitchen Ideas

I have thought a lot about adding shelves to my kitchen as I decided against upper cupboards to add a feeling of space. Though, the more I see beautifully put together shelves, the more I sway a little more to the idea!

I love the idea of having herbs and interesting pottery mixed in between. Pretty and practical!

Organise Your Wardrobe

You don’t need to spend a fortune to add shelves to a dressing room, thank goodness for ikea!

In my dressing room I have the Lack shelves to store my shoes and Billy bookcase for scarves, bags etc but I still have everything organised into boxes to keep it looking tidy.

Much love,

Judy xo

*Image credit Pinterest


5 thoughts on “Shelfie Chic

  1. Fantastic idea Judy! I have quite a high peg rail and shelf in the entrance, which has been screaming out for something and some pictures would look nice! I love the walk in wardrobes too, I would one day love one of these!


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