The NYC Diaries: Where We Ate.

Kicking off my NYC Diaries, I thought I would start with food.

Okay, you can’t go to NYC without eating insanely crazy food. Seeing as this will probably be our last trip to NYC for a while, we decided to make the most of what the city had to offer!

Egg Shop, 151 Elizabeth St.


As you can probably guess, eggs are speciality at Egg Shop. Located in the trendy Nolita (North of Little Italy) district, it’s squeezed nicely onto Elizabeth St with some other yummy places.

We found this little gem in our Cereal NYC guide, and I was made it a must do for the trip!

The interior was super cute, duck egg blue, greens and white. It felt fresh and had a great atmosphere. It seated probably around 20 at a push so I advise if you are going at weekends expect to wait for a little bit for a table.

I ordered a ‘Benedict’ with avocado on the side, Simon ‘The Beast’, which thinking back was quite a hilarious name. Of course there had to be sides too. They were the most delicious hash browns I have ever tasted in my life and fried chicken (the people next to us got this and we just had to :D). If you want to look at these items in more detail you can look at the menu.

I think this may have been one of my favourite meals, as I kept thinking about it on the flight home (lol).


Black Seed Bagel, 170 Elizabeth Street.

B Seed Bagel

I did say there were a few yummy places around Elizabeth Street, didn’t I? We didn’t visit the two places on the same day I promise. Located on the other part of Elizabeth St, you could throw a stone from Egg Shop to here.

Let me begin by saying, I have never had a bagel this good, and I probably never will again. This makes me sad.

These are hand rolled and wood baked bagels  with endless fillings and opportunities. I opted for a #9 Deli which translates in the real world as a Turkey with lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard on a poppyseed bagel. If you fancy perusing the options you can view the menu here.


This place is super tiny, perfect for a grab and go sort of lunch but if you want somewhere to sit for hours this isn’t your spot.

Carnegie’s Deli, 7th Avenue at 55th St.


Probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but Simon really wanted to try a “New York Sized” Deli Sandwich and deep down, I did too. It’s one of those things you just gotta do. When in Rome and all that. In a super busy part of the city, a leap from Central Park houses Carnegies. Famous for its crazy huge sandwiches and cheesecake, we thought we would give it a whirl. After queuing for about 30 minutes, we were seated and opted for a Reuben and a slice of fresh strawberry cheesecake washed down with homemade lemonade.

Needless to say we shared both and hailed a cab straight back to the hotel were we nursed the most intense food coma I have ever had in my life. It was actually a ‘Man Vs Food‘ sort of portion, one which my body is not accustomed to. A must do if you are after the real deal in deli sandwiches!

Laduree, Soho.



After a long day shopping in Soho, theres nothing like kicking back in the most chic tea salon the world has to offer. Forever my favourite place in the world, I couldn’t go past without having some Earl Grey tea and a Rose and Raspberry Religieuse.

Like most Laduree tea houses, they are quite big and we didn’t have to wait at all for a table. We were there around 4pm, it perhaps was a little quieter. I have nothing else to say as it speaks for itself, utter perfection in patisserie form.

Burger and Lobster, Flatiron District, 39 West 19th St.

B&L Menu

I actually cannot believe I almost forgot this place (hence why it’s last on my list) as it was fantastic! We ate here on our first night, I think that’s why I forgot, pesky jet lag! I couldn’t get a picture of the outside as they were filming a movie, which was very exciting!

Not exclusively in NYC, Burger and Lobster are all over the place, if you are curious where, you can see here. It has a very hipster vibe and it serves local beer too which is quite cool.

Basically how it works is there’s 3 things on the menu.  As above there is a Whole Lobster, Lobster Roll and Burger with bacon and cheese. I went for the lobster roll, Simon for the whole lobster. Each main comes with fries and a salad for $20.

As well as these slices of delight we ate in soooo many other places including Don Antonios Pizza (best in Manhattan), Quality Meats (best steak in NYC), Five Guys and countless coffee shops which I just cant possibly squeeze into this post or it would explode, but if anyone was any more information on these places please let me know.

I hope you enjoyed some of my eating highlights of NYC, have you been to any of these places and is there anywhere you just couldn’t leave off your NYC eats list?

Much Love,

Judy xo



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