The NYC Diaries: What I Wore and What I Bought.

After shopping and packing for end of the world snow and cold conditions, as the days edged closer to our holiday the trusty iPhone weather app greeted us with news that it was to be 20 plus degrees Celsius for more or less most of our time in NYC. Meaning panic stations as I raided my wardrobe for more versatile and lighter clothing to layer!

For travelling I always wear a chunky cardigan and pashmina as it gets super chilly on long haul flights and you need layers. I always take my LK Bennett tote bag, it fits loads, is light and also the pop of pink is so cheery!


On reflection I should haven taken more outfit photos, but we were having so much fun I completely forgot.



This was our first day and it was super warm. I was thankful I packed this Topshop Chambray shirt. The Khaki jeans were from New Look and the sneaks are New Balance 373s which have done some walking around cities in their time.

My bag, which I have had a lot of enquiries about is from M&S. It was super light and compact and easy throw into my suitcase at the end of the holiday.

Also. Dimples.


This photo was taken on our Mad Men Cocktail Tour which I will talk about in my next post. This is my famous ‘Joan’ dress, which I wear religiously to most fancy occasions. As I have got older I see the importance of timeless, classic pieces that I can grab time and time again and that never look dated. Mr S is wearing a Remus Uomo Navy suit and Ted Baker tie.


Even though I bought a new camel wool coat for going on holidays, I opted for my trusty Mac. I think I bought it in a Topshop sale when I was at University, almost 9 years ago. It hasn’t let me down yet!

So…on to what I bought! Just an FYI, I didn’t go crazy in the shops, sometimes we buy for the sake of buying which isn’t a great habit to get into. So I opted for some pieces which I hope will compliment my capsule wardrobe.


You can’t go to America and not come home with at least one item from J Crew. I got this red and white summer weight Breton, hanging at the end of a rail all sad and lonely on its own and when I went to pay for it..there was 70% off, which was more than lucky.


I know, another Breton. I just can’t get enough of ‘& Other Stories’, it is one of my favourite shops in the world and it was so nice to have a walk through an ACTUAL store. I will be teaming this little beauty with white/blue jeans in the sunnier days and hopefully if I can track some down, pink satin converse. I couldn’t find any in NYC, so the search continues. (If anyone can help me out with finding said converse I will be eternally grateful).


I posted a little shot of this for those who follow me on Instagram. My dear friend Miss McC bought one of these on her travels last year and I was itching to get my hands on one too. It reads, “Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days..” which for those who don’t know it is a quote from Romeo and Juliet. Its amazingly pigmented so only a little will do. This is also from ‘& Other Stories’.

‘Finally’ I hear you all cry, when will we find out what was in the Tiffany bag. Well, it’s not diamonds this time, but something I have wanted for so very long. It’s a Tiffany Infinity ring in sterling silver. It caught my eye a few years ago and I finally had the chance to go to somewhere special to purchase it. I love when jewellery has a special sentiment or occasion behind it, it makes it a lot more precious.

I know you saw me with loads of Kate Spade bags on Snap Chat, but they were gifts and not for me, *cries*. Although, to cheer us up, here are some snaps of the Kate Spade pop-up home and clothes shops in SOHO.






Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful the Tutu in Reppetto’s window was?


There’s a small part of me that still believes I will one day be a ballerina.

Much love,

Judy xo


3 thoughts on “The NYC Diaries: What I Wore and What I Bought.

  1. Hiya Judith. What a lovely blog post. I wanted to ask you about the blusher? My absolute favourite book and film and piece of writing is Romeo and Juliet and that particular quote…i plan to make into my new tattoo i love it that much. Lol. So i just wanted to ask is it online only? P.s. i loved your last food diary when in NYC. I will defo be trying them out when i return to the big apple this year. Xx


    1. There are no stores in UK so best bet is online! It’s my favourite film too, and that’s a fab idea for a tattoo!
      I’ll be doing another blog about what we did, so hopefully will give you more inspo for your trip 💛 xx


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