NYC Diaries: What We Did.

This little post concludes the NYC Diaries, did I save the best for last? Well, I hope so!

If you are planning a trip to NYC, you need two books. One being the Cereal Travel Guide, the second the Monocle Travel Guide (Thanks Sarah Louise aka. The Small Town Girl for this recommendation!).


I’ve just realised I haven’t mentioned our hotel in any of my diaries which is a bit of a faux pas. We stayed in the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue for all of our trip. Seeing as this will be our last trip to NY for a while we thought ‘hey! we might as well stay somewhere iconic.’ Location wise, its in Midtown which is fairly central. If you go to NYC, walking is how you will mostly get about but there is always a cab or Uber just around the corner.

So back to the hotel, its steeped in art deco glamour and it was BUZZING the whole time we were there, I have never seen a busier place in my life. Great for people watching with a coffee in my hand.

Madmen Cocktail Tour

One of the highlights of the week by far though  will probably say this about everything I talk about. Having been heartbroken when the Madmen TV series ended there was no better way to celebrate/commiserate than having a tipple in some of the spots Don Draper and co. visited in the show!

We met our tour guides (Josh and Cheiu) at the clock in grand central station and were introduced to the rest of the group all of whom,  were modern day ‘mad men’ working for an ad firm on Madison Av.


We started off in the Oyster Bar in Grand Central,  Josh (from Side Walk Tours) set the scene from the TV series and we  got to know the rest of the group over a Tom Collins.


Next stop was The Roosevelt, which was only a quick walk away. Another round of cocktails were ordered in very luxe surroundings. After I soaked up the atmosphere with and a Martini (dry, straight up, stirred, with an olive garnish of course) it was time to be off to our next and final destination.


Our last stop of the night was The Monkey Bar, which I have to say had the best cocktails of the three, and the tastiest bar food. We chatted and laughed the night away with the group having lots of random discussions and we even got some recommendations of restaurants and places to go. A very enjoyable night all round. So off I (literally) Grand Jeté’d down Madison Ave and back to the Waldorf.


9/11 Memorial and One World Observatory

After a lovely brunch at The Egg Shop in Soho, we decided to walk to the south of Manhattan to visit the 9/11 Memorial Plaza and see One World Trade Centre. The 9/11 memorial plaza is a beautiful and yet sobering tribute to the past but yet it remains a place of hope for the future.


Afterwards we decided to go visit One World Observatory at top of One World Trade Centre. This was an amazing experience, with spectacular views of Manhattan from the highest point in the entire island. The building is an architectural feat and it was amazing to see how the city came together to make something good come from a dark and difficult time.


Top of the Rock

Visiting the place where we got engaged 4 years ago, the Top of the Rock is a different experience to the WTC as you get to go outside look down on the city and take in all the sounds, sights and smells. It is really fantastic and holds a lot of sentiment for me. Every time I look at that ice rink I see Mr S down on one knee popping the question, please excuse me as I have a teary moment!

Museum of Modern Art

I do love a good dander around a gallery and staring at paintings it gives me so such inspiration (great mindfulness activity too) and there is nowhere better to do it than MoMA.

I just loved strolled around, taking in all the artwork, I’ve always wanted to see Monet’s Waterlilies with my own eyes, such a gorgeous painting. We also got to enjoy the sun in the sculpture garden, all round a fantastic day. If you are time poor in NYC you could do the MoMA in a few hours, museums like the Met take days to look at everything properly.

Les Misérable at the Imperial Theatre

As you know the choice on Broadway is just immense, so we settled for this classic before it finished its run in March.

If you don’t know the story, it’s set in the 19th Century France and is based on the Novel by Victor Hugo. Many people have nightmares when thinking about it, as it may bring you back to A Level English Literature, some may know it from the 2014 film staring Anne Hathaway, but I personally love the story.

Needless to say by the end of the performance there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The set and effects were just fantastic, the singing was out of this world and it was possibly the best theatre experience I have ever had.

That concludes my NYC Diaries for now, I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and if you are planning a trip to NYC, that you’ve got some inspiration.

Much Love,

Judy xo


2 thoughts on “NYC Diaries: What We Did.

  1. Loved reading about your trip to NYC. We visited in Oct last year with our 2 teenagers and had a ball. Loved Nolita such a fab area and so many great places to eat. Have been reading your blog for awhile now and love your style and your home – the kitchen of my dreams!! Keep blogging!! Love from Glasgow xx


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