Whats In My Bag

I love reading posts and watching YouTube videos of what people have in their bag. One reason is that it makes me feel better about myself that I am not the only one who carries the contents of what could only be described as a standard bin in the bottom of my bag, the other, well just human curiosity and nosiness.

I am going to show you what’s  in my ‘weekend handbag’ as the bag I take to work has all sorts of nursing equipment, gloves etc and you wouldn’t find it that interesting.

First of all, the bag.


Isn’t she a beauty? This little ‘Gem Tassel Saddle Bag‘ sent to me by the good people of Accessorize has everything I love wrapped up in cute and compact form.  Plus, it’s a fab price too at only £22.

Ok now for the inside.


This is basically everything I carry in my weekday bag, minus the work stuff.

Let me give you a little run down;

Kate Spade Purse

iPhone 6 with Theodore Grey monogrammed cover

Coach Wristlet (which I keep cosmetics and incidentals in)

Eve Lom Kiss Mix

Bliss Body Butter

Charlotte Tilbury in ‘Bitch Perfect’

Keys, which are in a ‘Key Smart‘ (so you don’t have to carry around a set of bulky keys)

What I love about metallic bags is that they go with everything and are a bit more edgy than a nude or cream. Isn’t this little bag a match made in heaven with my Topshop silver shoes?

I hope you have enjoyed a peek inside my bag.

Much Love,

Judy xo

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7 thoughts on “Whats In My Bag

  1. Love it!! So much in there…looks such a small bag!! I so love other people’s bags!! Thank you for sharing Judy!!

    Love and hugs

    Hannah aka SpursTotty9

    Liked by 1 person

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