Grey for days…

I find myself trying to be drawn to different colours in the hope of sparking a new love but I always come back to grey. I am in the midst of planning the decor for a second living room (which has been happening for the past year) so I have been immersing myself in Pinterest, my ever trusty source of inspiration and frustration.

The second living room in my house is currently sporting a concrete floor, bare walls, dust bunnies and some washing piled into the corner which will get ironed during the week (or so I keep telling myself). Where some might see a mammoth task, I see 110 possibilities. I’m not great at explaining to others what I envisage but I can see it very clearly in my own head!

I hope to make this living room into a ‘snug’ and use the one we currently inhabit as a more formal space where we can entertain guests and maybe use on other special occasions such as Christmas.

I’ve had carried out extensive research on Pinterest and above is some of my sources of inspiration for the new living room. I am really loving the different layers of grey and white in these rooms from the deep brooding charcoal to the chalky barely there grey. I am forever torn between Contemporary, French and Georgian style/design and I hope that my new room has a little bit of all 3.

If you are undertaking a project of your own, be it little or large, I would love to know what your plans or what your inspiration is. Otherwise watch this space to keep up to date on my progress!

P.s If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!

Much love,

Judy xo


12 thoughts on “Grey for days…

  1. Hi Judy, I love those butterfly pictures. We have 6 of the smaller ones above our bed in our grey (of course) bedroom. We’re hoping to build an extension on the back of our place to make a bit more entertaining space. We plan to turn our current living room into a snug / playroom. My pinterest is awash with shades of grey at the moment. It’s daunting making big changes, we keep thinking we’re only going to get one shot at this so we’d better not screw up!


  2. Hey lovely ive followed you on instagram (mymi20)for ages and now ive found your blog! We are currently working on our hall and landing and have had to go back to the lathe and plaster but are now putting the plasterboard on. We hope to have beaded tongue and groove and im thinking painted stairs, marble tiles and shades of pale greys with glass lanterns but oh the shades again!! Im thinking Ammonite this time but oohhh im not sure 😄I cant wait to see what you do xx


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