La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleanser. 2 Minute Review.

Over the past year I have gradually watched my skin type change, doing a complete 180¬į from dry to oily and I completely blame my hormones for this. Having not had a spot since I was 13 years old, now at the ripe old age of 26 it’s an everyday problem that I wholeheartedly did not anticipate having to deal with.

Having done a spot of research on Boots and other sites and read reviews on various products I decided to give this La Roche-Posay cleanser a go. I  will be the first to admit to having walked past this brand on numerous occasions without giving it a second glance but as they say; a change is as good as a rest.


So what is it? 

It’s a gel face/body wash that targets oily or blemish-prone skin.

How does it work?

It’s a gel that develops into a foam when massaged into damp skin. It gets rid of the excess sebum on the skin without making your skin really dry.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin? 

Yes! If my skin doesn’t like a product it will kindly let me know immediately by making me look like a beetroot. It’s 100% hypoallergenic and soap free.

How did it work for you? 

Using the cleanser; morning and night for a few days I could already see my skin less oily during the day. My skin has had no issue with it at all.

Would you recommend it?

Wholeheartedly yes. Don’t expect miracles (we all wish for them but sadly they don’t exist..) this cleanser is not a cure-all but there has been a significant change in my skin on using it. For me, the most important benefit of this cleanser is that it’s kind to my skin whilst also making it feel less oily.

If you fancy checking out La Roche-Posay Effaclar Cleanser too, you can find it here.

Are you a La Roche-Posay lover? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts ūüôā

Much Love,



A Few of my Favourite Things: Beauty Top 5.

Hey Frenchies!

We all have our go-to beauty products so I thought I would share with you a few of my beauty favourites that I use again and again.

1. Rosie for Autograph, Eau de Parfum

My favourite scent are anything with roses, which also happen to be my favourite type of flowers!

This Rosie for Autograph Eau de Parfum has the most beautiful vintage rose scent and lasts all day. I go as far as to compare it to Chloe Eau de Roses.

Unfortunately I can’t¬†find it on the Marks and Spencer website, but it is in most stores.

2. Science Of Skin, Solution for Scars.  

Following a few surgeries I have some annoying little scars on my abdomen which are not fading quickly enough for my liking.

I recently have switched from bio oil to this Solution for scars , (who kindly sent me a bottle to try) to see how it performs in comparison.

I massage the cream into and around my scars for about 30 seconds and it doesn’t leave any residue plus there¬†is no obvious scent that I am aware of which is great! .

It has active ingredients including green tea extract which helps sooth and lessen the appearance of a number of different type of scars and stretch marks. You can find out more here.

I have found that the appearance of my scars are a lot smoother, so hopefully with more use I will see improved results!

3. Fifi Lapin Nail Files, Boots UK.


How cute are these!!

I was given these nail files as a little present and they are fantastic! Perfect for the FiFi Lapin fan in your life, almost too cute to use aren’t they? The FiFi Lapin range is part of the Boots Christmas range, you must check it out.

If you want to learn a bit more about the chicest bunny in Fashion click here.

4. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate.¬†


I have been using this Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate for a few months now and it’s worth its weight in gold.

It only takes two tiny drops to do your face and neck, this bottle looks like it has never been opened..!

I rub it into my hands and pat it onto my skin before i moisturise and I have to say, it definitely makes my skin brighter plus it helps make up go on a lot easier.

5. Make Up Pouch, Peonie Cole.

Peonie Cole Make up Pouch

Last but not least my beautiful new make up bag.

All the fabrics are designed, painted and printed by Catherine who owns Peonie Cole.

I first became aware of Peonie Cole through Instagram and I have since ordered a few things as gifts.

When I seen this fabric I just fell in love and Catherine kindly offered to make me a little pouch for my bits and pieces when I am travelling here and there.

What are your beauty favourites at the moment or are you loving any of my favourites too?

Much Love,

Judy xo

October BIRCHBOX: First Impressions and my favourites!

Hey frenchies!

Can you believe we are in October? It’s a bit crazy that we are so close to Christmas! I personally cannot wait.

Anyhow..I want to let you all know how I got on with Octobers box!

I have had the October Birchbox for a while now so I thought I would let you know how I got on! This is the last box in my three month subscription and I decided not to renew it, and perhaps look for other boxes to try.


This months BB boasted a lot of brands and a full sized product!

So here is what was in this months box and what I thought!

1. Rituals Yogi Flow Rose and Almond Oil shower foam- I love rituals, and everything they do is so subtly scented and beautiful. This shower gel felt like silk on the skin and left me feeling fresh and smelling amazing!

2. Bioderma Micellar Water- This is a firm blogger favourite and I was very excited to try this! It was very gentle on my sensitive skin and didn’t have a residue which I could feel after, it disappeared just like that! I will definitely be investing in this once my Boot Botanics Micellar water finishes.

3. Parlor Smoothing Blow out Spray- My first reaction to this was ARGH, another hair product…But actually it wasn’t too bad. I am pathetic at blow drying my hair myself, but this did add volume and a lovely texture to my hair, so a thumbs up from me.

4. Perfume, English Laundry by Christopher Wicks- At first I thought this sample was a bit of a cop out, compared to the other samples which are much larger. I have never heard of this brand before, and I was keen to try it out! On a night out with hubby I decided to spritz on some instead of my regular perfume. At first it has quite fresh tones, but developed into a gorgeous musk, and almost masculine. I love guys aftershave, and I often use Mr S’s Terre de Hermes (so nice, you have to try it).

5. 100% Pure Pigmented Lip Gloss- Oh my days this is BEAUTIFUL. Not only does it smell like a dream, it has the most subtle hint of pink. Like most lipsticks and pigmenting glosses, they dry my lips out after a while but this was as smooth as silk after every application.

6. WHEN, Travel Mate Mask Sheet- I have to say I held off using this until my husband was away with work, as I knew he would laugh at me with it on! I have to say this was a bit fiddly for me and I definitely didn’t leave it on for the full 30 minutes as it started to get uncomfortable. It is ¬£25 for a pack of four masks. My advice would be, spend the money on a good facial at your beauticians, thumbs down from me I am afraid.


So the two items I would recommend purchasing are the Bioderma Micellar Water and the English Laundry Perfume. The perfume is a Birchbox exclusive.

A big no no are the face masks, as I said before invest in a lovely facial every few months instead, you would get more out of it for sure!

What were your picks from this months BIRCHBOX? If you are interested in your own subscription you can set it up here!

Much Love,

Judy xo

September BIRCHBOX, First Impressions.

Hey there Frenchies!

So I received box number two of my three month subscription of Birchbox and I wanted to share with you my first impressions.

I got a little excited when I saw on Instagram that Selfridges¬†had teamed up for their Birthday month, September, and I thought we would be getting a real treat. I was a bit disappointed to learn that it is a separate box!! Bit unfair perhaps? Anyhow, on to the box that I received in the post ūüôā

As well as all the products you get you little magazine which tells you a bit about the products and how to use them, no extras this month, which I thought there would be seeing as BIRCHBOX have turned 5!


First up, the BIRCHbrush (¬£5.99)- This is quite cute, seems to be BIRCHBOX’s take on the tangle teaser. Its a great size for popping into your handbag, and does breeze through your hair like a dream, loving it already!

Bliss Body Butter

Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Butter (¬£14)- This Vitamin E enriched boy cream is one of Bliss’ best sellers and has a wonderful citrus smell. I have had Bliss products in the past and I was neither in or out of love with them. I am willing to give this a fair trial and let you know what I think.

Miracle Skin Transformer.

Miracle Skin Transformer in Medium (£38)- I have to say it took me a while to figure out what this was as it has leaked in the little pouch (boo). This is a little primer, with SPF20 in it. Im always interested to try new primers and make up as I have mentioned in my last post that I am a bit sceptical about trying new make up! Anyway, I will let you know how I get on.


RUSK, Volumizing Mousse (£14)- I love a Mousse that gives a bit of oomph! This claims to give you a bouffant bounce all day with in built heat protection! Cant go wrong with that! I am always up for new hair products as I am a bit lazy with my hair, and anything that encourages me to make an extra effort is always welcome.

Laqa & Co.

Laqa & Co, Cheeky Lip Pencil in Humble Brag (£17) This little lip pencil is a BB exclusive and is a gorgeous subtle pink. I love a product that multitasks, and this is no exception. It can be used on lips or cheeks and blends smoothly. Looking forward to trying this and feeding back to you all.


Benefit, The POREfessional: license to blot (£15.50)- I make it no secret that I love Benefit products, and I am sure this one will be no different! I have never tried this before, it is an oil blotting stick, and can reduce shine for up to 6 hours! Big claims, lets put it to the test!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first Impressions of this months BIRCHBOX, I am looking forward to trying out all the products and coming back to you at the end of the month and advise you all on the items I would invest in!

As always, if you fancy researching BIRCHBOX or fancy reading last months post you can do so here!

What were your first impressions of this months box?

Much Love,

Judy xo

August Birchbox, My Top Three Picks.

Hey Frenchies!

You might have read my first impressions post on Augusts Birchbox, if not you can read it here!

So, I have tried and tested everything in the box and gave it a fair chance and I thought I would share with you the items I would invest in and recommend.

My August 2015 Picks

I have picked the Laura Mercier Primer, Lord and Berry Blush and the Beauty Protector leave in conditioner.

Lord and Berry Blush

I love a product that turns out to be a triumph! I would never choose this colour of blush normally, but it was very complimentary of my skin tone and it felt silky smooth on application. I wore it to the weddings I attended recently and I didn’t have to reapply or touch up as the day progressed. Definitely a brand I will be looking into more! If you are interested in trying this you can buy it here.

Laura Mercier Primer

I do not know how LM does it. This primer is just a dream. It glides on, and feels completely weightless on the skin. I have used this with foundation and tinted moisturiser and its staying power is fantastic. You can get this in ‘Radiance’ as above, or in a number of different ways for your skin type. I have normal to oily skin and it worked well for me. If you are interested in checking out this amazing primer, you can buy it here!


Last but not least, the Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioner. You may remember, I was not all that keen on this item at the beginning as I find that most conditioners weight down my hair and make it a bit oily. This was a dream! I sprayed it into my wet hair an then blow dried as normal. The silky smoothness lasted for days and my hair felt in great condition, plus my hubby commented on how nice my hair smelt which cannot be a bad thing ūüôā This item as far as I can see is only available from Birchboxs online shop and can be purchased here.

I hope you enjoyed my run down of the items to invest in from Augusts Birchbox. What items did you love or loathe? Or are you signing up to Birchbox this month, I would love to hear from you!

Much Love,

Judy xo

Beauty Box Review: August BIRCHBOX

Hey Frenchies,
See my first impressions of this months BIRCHBOX!
Much Love, Judy xo

Hey there Frenchies!

So I decided to subscribe to a beauty box, and with lots of research (there are LOTS on the market now) I decided to go for Birchbox as they seemed to consistently have lovely products, well…from what I could tell from their website!

I ordered it on Friday, and it came on Monday (today) how quick is that?! I had actually thought that it wouldn’t come until September, so I was pleasantly surprised by that first and foremost.

Each box is £10, which is the best value beauty box I could see during all my researching.

I also liked that on your ‘online profile’ you fill in some demographics i.e. skin tone, hair texture, etc so they actually tailor your box to what you have specified, pretty good eh?

Okay, so on to my first impressions…

Opening th

The packaging is super cute, with this months theme being ‘#BEAUTYJUNKIE’ which featured little emojis, i kind of wish some of them were on my iPhone, sometimes the nail painting emoji just isn’t enough.

So beyond the front of the box, there is a welcome to Birchbox postcard, some little stickers (not sure about these..if anyone wants them comment below) and a booklet to tell you what’s in the box !

First Look

Oh exciting, looks like a great little bundle! There are¬†7 items which is pretty good. The items are housed in a cute little drawstring bag, now let’s get¬†down to the deets!


Working left to right:

L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holder (¬£11.50)– This little hair tie is metal free so it is good for your hair! Personally I wouldn’t buy this as I think it is¬†bit 90’s, I like a more discreet hair tie, but I will try it out ¬†it out¬†at home and let you know what I think!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (¬£20)- I let out a little squeak when I saw this peeking out of my box, I have been wanting to try this for AGES and I love Laura Mercier products, can’t wait to let you know how I get on with this, yay!

Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioner (¬£14)- Okay, so I don’t put conditioner on my hair very often as a rule as I think it makes my hair very flat, so I am looking forward to trying this. It also smells like candy floss!!

Rituals Fortune Scrub (¬£10)- I just bought new exfoliater last week, silly me. This is Orange and Cedar Wood scented, so i probably would use it in the morning, as I like to use more gently scented,¬†aromatherapy products in the evening (It’s just¬†how my mind works).

Lord & Berry Blush in Lotus (£17)- I have looked at Lord & Berry products on line a few times and I was never too sure if I should risk buying them incase they were not any good (This is where Beauty Boxes come into their own) I am a bit set in my ways with certain beauty products. The shade of the blusher in the box suits all skin tones as per the little magazine, so I will give it a go and let you know how I get on!

Huygens Exfoliating Cream (£17.90)- Hmm, two exfoliators in one box? Anyway, this scrub is gentle enough for daily use but it is specifically for your complexion. I am always a bit anxious about trying out scrubs etc on my face as my eczema goes a bit crazy. However I will let you all know if it is any good for sensitive skin!

Benefit High Beam (¬£19.50)- I already am in LOVE with this product, I have used this in the past and it was one of the best highlighters I ever had. So this is a recommendation from me, you won’t be disappointed.

So, I will try out all these absolute beauties and let you know what is a hit or miss! Keep a look out for the next post! If you want to try out birch box for yourself, you can get one here!

Much Love,

Judy xo

Boots Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 Cleanser and Toner Review.

Happy Sunday Frenchies!

I thought I would let you all know what my impressions of my latest purchases from Boots are. I have been using Boot Botanics Micellar Water and Toner for about an month now, and truly I have noticed a positive effect on my skin. From my previous blog posts you all know that I prefer a natural product because of my sensitive skin and it is always a bit of a Russian roulette buying a product that I haven’t tried before. So giving it a fair trial I feel in a better position to write a review ūüôā

First of all the Micellar Water– I have tried a few of these in the past and ended up giving them all away as my skin just did not agree with them! After reading a few reviews online I thought I would give this a go as it¬†is soap, alcohol and fragrance free! At the end of¬†the first week, I definitely did notice my skin looked brighter and with less blemishes, which was a plus! Also,¬†it didn’t dry my skin out or make it look shiny and feel oily so a big thumbs up from me! This is now a firm favourite in wash bag and I use it twice a day as part of¬†my normal skin care routine ūüôā If you are interested in trying it out yourself you can get it here!

Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner- Again I have used this for a month, I felt initially that with the Micellar Water, I did not have as much need for a toner, however I found that after I stopped using it for a few days my skin was just not as smooth when applying make up! The plant extracts in this product have a gentle exfoliating property that although subtle, I did notice a difference! If you feel like giving it a go, you can buy it here!

Here are the back of the bottles if you fancy a nosy!

I always find it helpful looking at the back of the bottles :)
I always find it helpful looking at the back of the bottles ūüôā

I am the kind of person that once I find something that works I generally stick with it and at such a reasonable price, it is very affordable! I would love to know if you have tried any of the Botanics Range and if it has worked for you or if you have found a Micellar water that you just can’t live without! There are¬†lots more in this range in store and on the Boots website too if you fancy checking it out.

Much Love,

Judy xo