Sunday Vibes: St George’s Market.

Ah bank holiday weekends how I love you so! Knowing you have that extra day on Monday to chill, just makes the weekend so much sweeter!

Today Hubby and I went to Belfast for the Sunday market at St George’s Market. For those who aren’t familiar it’s the last covered Victorian market in Belfast, and also won best large indoor market 2014 in the UK! 

It runs Friday- Sunday and you can find art, crafts, farmers market, food stalls, traditional music and all of it is local to Northern Ireland! It also doubles as a music venue, I think over the years I’ve seen a few bands, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Death Cab For Cutie.


(L-R) locally sourced fruit and veg, seafood (dulse is seaweed my fave!!), local artist and birds eye view of the market.

It’s fantastic for a walk and a look around the vintage stalls for little treasures, but I wasn’t so lucky today.

 So today’s food adventures…

Suki Tea (made in belfast), cupcakes from lilypink bakery and for brunch we had an ulster fry 😋


Ok, let’s get a few things straight, the Ulster fry is the best fry ever. I don’t have them very often but oh they are yummy! What’s different with an Ulster Fry is the potato bread (fadge in local language) vegetable roll, soda bread and black pudding. You won’t get all of this together anywhere else but Ulster!! 

Belfast is such a great city, and one I feel gets sidestepped a bit because of the history, but I have to say it’s one of the best cities I have been to!


Samson and Goliath the famous ship building cranes.

If anyone would like to know more about Belfast or where to go in Northern Ireland i would be happy to help! 

Much love,

Judy xo

Midweek Tea- Brazil Nut and Rocket Pesto Pasta.

On a sunny Wednesday evening what could be yummier than a simple pasta dish, that’s fresh, quick and easy.

I purchased Deliciously Ella a month or two ago, and this is one of the real winner dishes from it. We in our household are trying to eat ‘clean’ so this recipe is a good starting point for those who are new to the idea of trying to cut down on processed food.

Basically the key steps are:

  • Make your pesto (note to self buy food processor my poor hand blender almost gave up.)
  • Fry up your courgette and broccoli
  • Boil the pasta
  • Heat up the peas
  • Mix it all together
  • Et voilà!

A perfect midweek tea, made even better by the fact your hubby helped and cleaned up after*!

So buy the cook book and give it a go! So simple and delicious!

Much Love,

Judy xo

*Disclaimer- Husband cooked under my supervision, not all husbands/partners may attempt this dish or be as helpful with washing up.