February Round Up!

I thought it would be a good idea to start a new blogging tradition of reflecting on the month past! I’m pretty sure this will evolve and change over time but I am super excited to share with you all the things that didn’t make it’s way onto my instagram or blog this month.

What I ate:

Ok, a serious amount of avo on sourdough was eaten courtesy of Middle Town Coffee, a new coffee shop that opened in our town just before Christmas. Ballymena has been crying out for a decent coffee shop for a long time and now it’s here, me and my fam are keeping it in business singlehandedly, as if we are letting this little gem go! If you are in the area, pop into Middletown for the tastiest flat white you will ever experience.


On top of the avo eating, there was a serious amount of brunching happening with friends and of course a Ramore Wine Bar date for good measure! I feel like I am still recovering from that food coma!


Of course, how could I forget Valentines Day! Again, showing our age, we opted for a brunch date at Bert’s Jazz Bar. Eggs Benedict, Bucks Fizz and smooth jazz. I couldn’t imagine a better way to have spent the day with Mr French Grey Lifestyle.


What I did:

In between the manic days of the office we squeezed in a few dates. On Valentine’s Day after the aforementioned brunch, we went for a short walk and to see the Rembrandt Self Portrait in the Ulster Museum. The exhibition is on until the 13th of March. Great free day out and as an added bonus there are tasty tray bakes in the cafe!


A big part of my life is promoting good Mental Health. It is of course part of the day job and one of my passions. I was very honoured to be asked to talk at a local Young Farmers Club to a group of young adults about Mental Illness and maintaining good Mental Health. As with everything to do with the YFC it was fantastic craic as well as informative. I had a blast.


With regards to my home, I have started to add touches of Spring! It of course helps spur you on when an NI Home Magazine comes to take photos of your home (stressed.com) I will let you all know when it is published, have to say I feel equally excited/nervous about it!

What I wore:

Apart from my work clothes, I have been living in my jumpers, sneakers and leather coated trousers! I am becoming a creature of comfort as I head rather swiftly into my 27th year and I have to say I am loving it 🙂

The only outfit of note this month was what I wore to the NorLisa Fashion show (which I will tell you all about later) on Sunday past. I have never wore a pencil skirt in my life, I usually favour the fit and flare, but I did love this one from Primark, only £10 too, perfect.


What I won:

Yes you actually did read that correctly… I won two things this month. One being my fab phone cover from Theodore Grey. It’s also in my favourite colour, what are the chances! It’s Crocodile leather with gold monograming. Pretty swish eh?

The other rather luxurious item was a breakfast in bed hamper from House and Hamper (of whom, I am now a huge fangirl). I just loved everything in it and it has opened up lots of new brands to me, especially the HOBO candle.

Whats happening in March?

Ah March, how can it be March already?? So it’s Hubby’s Birthday, NYC!!!! and probably a lot more coffee and avo dates with hubby and my sis.

Much Love,

Judy xo