Grey for days…

I find myself trying to be drawn to different colours in the hope of sparking a new love but I always come back to grey. I am in the midst of planning the decor for a second living room (which has been happening for the past year) so I have been immersing myself in Pinterest, my ever trusty source of inspiration and frustration.

The second living room in my house is currently sporting a concrete floor, bare walls, dust bunnies and some washing piled into the corner which will get ironed during the week (or so I keep telling myself). Where some might see a mammoth task, I see 110 possibilities. I’m not great at explaining to others what I envisage but I can see it very clearly in my own head!

I hope to make this living room into a ‘snug’ and use the one we currently inhabit as a more formal space where we can entertain guests and maybe use on other special occasions such as Christmas.

I’ve had carried out extensive research on Pinterest and above is some of my sources of inspiration for the new living room. I am really loving the different layers of grey and white in these rooms from the deep brooding charcoal to the chalky barely there grey. I am forever torn between Contemporary, French and Georgian style/design and I hope that my new room has a little bit of all 3.

If you are undertaking a project of your own, be it little or large, I would love to know what your plans or what your inspiration is. Otherwise watch this space to keep up to date on my progress!

P.s If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!

Much love,

Judy xo


Love Your Home This Valentines Day.

It’s not just our other halves who need to be reminded that they are special this Valentines day, why not show your home to a little bit of love too…

I’m super excited to share with you some lovely things that I bought on a little visit to Dunelm last weekend.  Let’s face it, we’re in limbo…it’s too early for Spring decor and yet we’re all fed up of Winter and want a little something to cheer up our homes! I’ve found some lovely pieces that will help you show your home some love.  In typical French Grey Lifestyle fashion be prepared for muted tones and stylish pieces.



First up, this heart wreath. I have something similar on the mantle above my cooker, but oh my… I just couldn’t pass this over. This wooden cottage style ‘griege’ wreath would be perfect on your front door (providing you live in a milder climate), above your fire place or as I have, on a tall mirror. It’s surprisingly big, being 50cm tall and wide. Definitely a statement piece!

*I apologise for being in the pic but it was a bit tricky trying to keep myself out of shot 🙂

How lovely is this heart ruffle cushions? They are available in grey, cream and red but I bought a cream one as it was more suited to my kitchen than the grey, as too much grey in a single room can be a bit insipid.

Put it on a statement chair or use it to dress your bed, this little beauty will bring some Valentines cheer to any room in your home. It measures 30cm x 30cm and is something you can keep on display all year.


Now, let’s not forget the bathroom as it’s somewhere that often gets neglected. I bought this gorgeous real marble tooth brush holder and marble print towel. I don’t know if anyone else has problems finding marble accessories at a reasonable price?  but I was very happy to discover this range in Dunelm! There are also lots more in the collection to tickle your fancy so why not pop in for a little lookie.

Last but not least, we all need a beautiful white jug to display those bunches of red roses that our other halves buy us (ahem, if you are lucky!).

This white heart jug can be used as a vase for flowers or just displayed on it’s own. This jug is part of a larger range and you can get anything from egg cups to dinner sets. This little piece really spoke to me as it was simple and not too fussy, so I just had to have it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post of curated pieces for your home this Valentines Day, in collaboration with Ocean Loans.

I would love to hear how you are decorating your home for Valentines Day and if you will be rushing out to buy any of the pieces that I have shared!

Much Love,

Judy xo

Facebook Competition! 

Happy Weekend Frenchies!

I am running a little competition over on my Facebook page (French Grey Lifestyle) to win a set of 6 Laguiole teaspoons, you lucky things!

Once I reach 500 likes I will pick someone at random! Yay!!

So please pop over, to like French Grey Lifestyle, like, share and leave a comment on the post!! 

Good luck everyone!

Much love,

Judy xo

New Bits and Pieces from…Asda!

From time to time, supermarkets really up their homeware game, and George at Asda is seriously on point at the moment!

 The details for each item are:

  1. Bed linen- King size in Blue stripe £14
  2. Rabbit in Bell jar- on sale at the moment for £5.00
  3. Grey classic table lamp- £20 

Sometimes you don’t need to spend a fortune to update your home!

Much Love,

Judy xo 

50 Shades of Grey… Paint!

Good evening Frenchies!

As you can tell from the name of my blog, I am partial to the colour French Grey.

On my Instagram one of the most common questions are, ‘what colour is that wall!’. In my dining room I have painted one wall in French grey.


you can see the contrast between the cream and the grey is beautiful!
I know from experience that trying to find the right colour is so very difficult! The colour on my wall is so subtle, but changes colour with the light, which I love.

A lot of FG’s have a green or purple undertone, but this is more chalk. 

The brand and colour I have is;

My sister also has this colour in her formal living room, so it is very versatile!
 I also have my island in The kitchen painted this colour, it looks different on wood to the wall. 

I hope this helps you all in your quest for the perfect French Grey 😊

Click this link, and you should be able to find a stockist near you:
Much Love,

Judy xo