I love organisation, but I also love showing my favourite pieces off. This can be difficult! Because not everyone has the room to spare to show off all their favourite bits and pieces.

I’m a real lover of shelves much to my husbands horror as he is the DIY guru in the household.

In my small bathroom I got the most fantastic idea off Pinterest. In the small space I wanted to add an interesting wall but also wanted storage space. So this is how it turned out.

I put up two shelves from Dunelm, on a wall painted French Grey.

In our Ensuite, I wanted to add height to the space, and again have a useful, space to store all the necessitates. 

This ladder shelf is so verstaile and could be used in any room. I added the baskets from TK Maxx and towels from Sainsburys along with all my lovely little JM and EB treats.

The best idea I personally feel by far is the Pinterest inspired shoe wall. It is like ART. Ever changing with the seasons. God bless you ikea for your shelves!

Oh pretty shoes…great idea for keeping your shoes from getting crushed and in the morning there they all are, just wanting to be picked!

I hope you enjoyed my ideas for storage around the home!

Much Love,

Judy xo