Grey for days…

I find myself trying to be drawn to different colours in the hope of sparking a new love but I always come back to grey. I am in the midst of planning the decor for a second living room (which has been happening for the past year) so I have been immersing myself in Pinterest, my ever trusty source of inspiration and frustration.

The second living room in my house is currently sporting a concrete floor, bare walls, dust bunnies and some washing piled into the corner which will get ironed during the week (or so I keep telling myself). Where some might see a mammoth task, I see 110 possibilities. I’m not great at explaining to others what I envisage but I can see it very clearly in my own head!

I hope to make this living room into a ‘snug’ and use the one we currently inhabit as a more formal space where we can entertain guests and maybe use on other special occasions such as Christmas.

I’ve had carried out extensive research on Pinterest and above is some of my sources of inspiration for the new living room. I am really loving the different layers of grey and white in these rooms from the deep brooding charcoal to the chalky barely there grey. I am forever torn between Contemporary, French and Georgian style/design and I hope that my new room has a little bit of all 3.

If you are undertaking a project of your own, be it little or large, I would love to know what your plans or what your inspiration is. Otherwise watch this space to keep up to date on my progress!

P.s If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!

Much love,

Judy xo


Bathroom Bliss.

Our bathrooms often get neglected and are far down the list of priorities in home design. I thought I would show you some ideas I love and have adopted in my own home to make bath time that little more special.

Sometimes its the most simple things that can be the most effective. Flowers, faux or real can add instant luxe to any bathroom. I keep looking at this faux orchid from M&S, there is just something about it I love. Alternatively if it’s too expensive, this one from TKmaxx is also a beauty. Eucalyptus is also a simple and cost effective way to add a bit of life to any bathroom. A sprig in a little glass bottle is simple but effective.

Like my ensuite at home which is our main bathroom, I have a small stool beside the bath. They are great for styling, and also useful for sitting on when I’m feeling lazy, I can remove my make up or wash my hair over the side of the bath!

Beside my bath

This Scandi style one from swoon is just amazing and would work with most colour schemes. If you are from Northern Ireland, BT Concepts in Coleraine also have an amazing range, including this little beauty.

I love my glass jars. I mainly keep cotton wool and cotton buds in them. Not only does it keep to the white theme throughout my home, it’s also quite a practical storage solution. These glass jars from Zara are currently on my wish list. Also a great idea is to use candle jars which are finished, waste not want not.

Nice hand soap is a feature on its own on the hand basin. I personally use Jo Malone Red Roses hand soap and lotion everyday, as they were a gift from Mr French Grey Lifestyle. But on my list to buy when they eventually run out are Aesop and of course Diptyque. Honestly it is worth the investment in good soap, your hands will thank you for it!

Have you recently updated your bathroom or on the look out for new ideas? I would love to hear from you.

Much Love,

Judy xo